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I have been working in the visual effects industry for the past 15 years as a VFX/CG Supervisor, TD or CG artist for companies like Mac Guff, MPC, DURAN, DUBOI, Mikros Image, Attitude Studio ...


- Main 3D Tools : Maya, Houdini,

- Secondary 3D Tools:
ZBrush, MARI, Photoscan, RealityCapture, 3DEqualizer, DragonFrame, Autopano
WorldMachine ...

- Rendering Tools :
Renderman (mainly PRman, but several Compliants as well), MentalRay, VRay, Mantra. Arnold

- 2D and Compositing Tools:
Mainly Nuke, Shake, Photoshop. Basic knowledge with AfterFX and Combustion
Davinci Resolve

- OS : Excellent computer skills with Linux & Windows


- VFX / CG Supervision: including on set supervision, budget estimate & monitoring, project scheduling & organisation, staff recruitment & management

- A strong understanding of the CG process

- Experience in Feature Film, 3D animation and commercials

- High Level of proficiency in : Surfacing / Look Development / Lighting / Compositing

- Modeling, Procedural Modeling, UV, Texturing and Camera Mapping...

- Scripting : Python: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Shotgun-Tank, OS Linux & Windows, PyQt, Mel, Shell Languages, Partial knowledge of RSL and TCL-Tk

- Photography, macro-photography, focus stacking, HDR...


You can read the following page... or download my

THE ORDINARY VFX / CG Supervisor Lookdev, Lighting, Compositing    
WARRIOR'S GATE VFX / CG Supervisor Lookdev, Lighting, Compositing   2016
LE FANTOME DE CANTERVILLE VFX / CG Supervisor Pipeline Scripting, Lookdev, FX, Lighting Compositing    
EN MAI FAIS CE QU'IL TE PLAIT Compositing Artist Live Action Compositing    
THE TRANSPORTER legacy CG Supervisor Pipeline Scripting, Lookdev, Lighting, Compositing   2015
LES GORILLES CG Artist Animation, Camera Mapping, Shading, Lighting, Compositing    
SAMBA CG Supervisor On set Sup. Environment & Lighting & Compositing Artist   2014
LUCY SFX Artist Particles & Fluids    
SUPERCONDRIAQUE Creature Artist Modeling UV Textures Shading Lighting Compositing   2013
BANDE DE FILLES VFX Supervisor (on set) On set supervision    
UNE RENCONTRE Environment Artist Environment Artist    
VENUS IN FUR CG Supervisor On set supervision. Environment Artist    
ASTERIX 4 Pipeline TD / Finishing Artist Script, Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Particles, Compositing   2012
THE DAY OF THE FALCON CG Supervisor On set supervisor. Houdini & Llookdev Lighting TD    
THE BOY WITH THE CUCCKOO-CLOCK HEART CG Supervisor Head of all departments   2009
LUCKY LUKE Pipeline TD Scripting, Mel/Python    
MICMACS Senior Lighting TD      
AO CG Supervisor Estimates, bid, preparations....   2008
UNDERWORLD HOD Lookdev & Lighting      
NARNIA Senior Lighting TD      
ASTERIX 3 Senior Environment TD     2007
HIS MAJESTY MINOR CG Supervisor On set supervisor, Lookdev , Scripting   2006
THE STONE COUNCIL CG Supervisor Lookdev Lighting Comp    
RENAISSANCE Senior Lighting TD     2005
IMMORTEL Finishing Artist Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Particles, Compositing   2002
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